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Portable Power Cables

Portable Power Cable Product Lines

Diesel Locomotive (PDF - 100KB)

Type W – Single Conductor (PDF - 103KB)

Type W – 3 & 4 Conductor (PDF - 114KB)

Type G-GC – 3 & 4 Conductor 600V – 2000V (PDF - 100KB)

Welding Cable (PDF - 111KB)

Type SOOW 18-16 AWG (PDF - 91.8KB)

Type SOOW 14-10 AWG (PDF - 105KB)

Type SOOW 8-2 AWG (PDF - 103KB)

Stage Lighting (PDF - 85.5KB)

Exciter Cable Product Lines

Exciter Cable EPR_CPE (PDF - 100KB)

The purpose of an excitation system is to furnish controlled direct current to the rotating field winding of a synchronous generator. In general, the prime mover of the generator delivers watts to the power grid while the exciter controls the generator voltage and flow of reactive power.

Engineers and procurement supervisors have been frustrated by the difficulty in consistently securing this cable. USA Wire & Cable, Inc. went to work to define specifications for GE and other turbine manufacturers in order to provide a readily available source for this unique application. 1550 MCM, 2kV.

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